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Tomorrowland – the key to success

You ask…

how is it possible that more than 200,000 tickets are sold within only one second? That an event grows from 10.000 people in 2005 to astonishing 180.000 visitors in 2012? That all tickets (an amount of 360.000) are sold within seconds although the event gets spread on two different weekends?

This one fiery standout, for the last 10 years, of course is Belgium’s Tomorrowland. Famous for its gigantic size, fantasy themed artwork, and consistent international fanbase, this spectacular festival boasts the most elaborate versions of the qualities that make a memorable concert experience. 2016 marks Tomorrowland’s 12th return to the farmlands of Boom, with an expected attendance of over 400,000 fans. Since 2011 tomorrowland is on its spot as ‘Best Music Event’ on International Dance Music Awardslist.

So what is tomorrowlands factor of success? Of course it disposes of the best DJ´s in the world, contracting david guetta, hardwell, avicii and a hundred more and as well with 16 stages spread over 75 hectares is one of the largest festivals. But the most impressing and most important is its marketing, which is exclusively on the internet, spread through social media. Just the after-movie of 2015 has almost 17 million clicks on youtube. This concept saves time and money on the one hand and derives direct contact to the fans on the other hand. Through creative ideas, unforgettable memories and remarkable investments, also losses, tomorrowland created over years a fan base of more than 3 million people, which is the base of success. Without costly marketing or image campaigns, tomorrowland is based on pure world of mouth, which was a risky approach at the beginning but developed to a large success.

With its loyalty to details tomorrowland will also continue in 2016, but sadly the tickets are already sold out. If you would like to visit tomorrowland you have to be really quick at the registration for tickets and also need good luck. Maybe you could also look for tickets of tomorrowland in brasil, where the festival is not already fully booked.

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