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Get the best hotel prices (here’s how)

Finding a suitable hotel which does not exceed the fixed budget for your group can turn out to be a total headache, but there are many ways in which you can avoid this and get the most of your money. The following suggestions will help you start saving money on your hotel reservations:

Be flexible

If your dates are flexible try to organize your event during the low season. Rates tend to drop down when hoteliers expect to have less activity. That is the perfect moment to book your rooms!

Escape from the city centre

The city centre is not always the best option for an event or congress. You will get better prices if you stay on the outskirts of the city and arrange airport transfers with a local DMC. This will also give you time to organize other activities for your event.

2 things you save

Find the perfect deal

Look for packages, hidden discounts or special deals. Here at Eventdeals our partner hotels offer special MICE deals that can help you save money. You can also find special packages on meeting rooms, gratuities, etc.


Once in conversation with the hotel, you can always try to negotiate rates depending on the group size or the length of the stay. Who knows, maybe you get an interesting offer!


Last minute deals… why not?

Sometimes you can get very interesting prices when booking a hotel at the last minute.  Not always the most foresighted person is the one who gets the best reward! Have a closer look at the last minute deals and get ready to find unbelievable offers!