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The future of hotel group reservations

It is a fact that nowadays we are living the consolidation of the digital era. The use of internet is more than a growing trend:  it is a must if you want to succeed in every professional field, and MICE industry is not an exception.

There is a vast number of online platforms that can help professionals of the MICE sector with their daily tasks.  For Meeting Planners, looking for the perfect venue can be a hard mission to complete without the help of technology and internet. On the other hand, hotels revenue and sales managers are getting used to deal with the many problems involved in the hospitality field thanks to the appearance of online platforms like Eventdeals, which can very much help to ease the day to day work at a hotel sales department.


The future of hotel group reservations is now. Online solutions like Eventdeals have come to change the way in which hotels and travel managers close their deals. In less than one minute, event organizers can send their requests to a vast number of establishments all over Europe and have also the possibility of asking for various destinations at a time. Long working days of phoning and emailing hotel by hotel at a time have come to an end. Nothing easier than receiving hotels quotes directly at your inbox with no intermediaries.

Hotels groups departments have to deal with a big number of unsuitable requests due to a low budget, inadequate number of rooms, hotel location, etc. Being part of a platform like Eventdeals is a solution to all these problems, since our partner hotels only receive tailor made requests, adapted to the hotel features and rates. This way, it is not necessary that they waste time preparing quotations for events or groups that are not suitable for the property.

Technology has come to stay and to make easier every aspect of our life. Take advantage of it and be ready to boost your MICE business!