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The best men’s travel watches

Forget the horrors of airport security manhandling your expensive cogs and gears. Because when you strap on a watch that’s designed to travel, you’re embracing the idea your journey could end somewhere your phone won’t. And that’s a complication worth investing in.

The bounds of horology have always crumbled beneath the adventurer’s boot. Whether beneath the waves or towards the stars, they’ve demanded watches ready for rigour and, each time, Switzerland’s finest provide. Which is why, even if it’s only an overnighter to Frankfurt, slipping on a timepiece that could go to the ends of the earth at least entertains the romance of something more.

Farer Barnato

You don’t need to bottom out your bank account to buy a decent travel watch. And if you’re heading to some less salubrious locations, your Patek is just an invite for strangers to join you in dark alleys.

Farer is a new British brand inspired by adventure, with each model named for an explorer. The Barnato is tribute to the eponymous Diana, the first British women to break the sound barrier. That spirit finds flesh on the dial in its dual-time hand – a red-arrowed way to track a second time zone – and on the caseback in Farer’s signature engraved compass.

Available from Farer, priced £420.

Travel watches by Farer

Photo: Farer

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