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Teambuilding benefits by our Expert DMC @dmire

Hello musketeer, are you ready for the duel?

Good teambuilding activities help your team be more productive, motivated, engaged and positive at an individual level, while also bringing all members together for a common cause improving productivity, confidence and team spirit.

@dmire offers corporate fencing experiences which have a very positive effect on team dynamics. With good team building exercises that unite people around for a common goal and generate greater productivity.

For this purpose, they suggest Fencing as the ideal sport to help develop resistance to pressure, concentration, anticipation and timing.

@dmire delivers a number of different fencing experiences ranging from a 2 hour coaching session to a full day of activities and are happy to tailor to fit your own individual requirements.

Fencing experiences can take place during the morning, apernoon or aper work hours.

The session includes a brief history of fencing, safety briefing, warm-up session, demonstration and an explanation of basic fencing techniques.

For more suggestions by our expert DMC in Belgium visit the @dmire profile.