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Take your event marketing to the next level with tech

If you want to produce a blockbuster event, the level of marketing should match the level of production. Both have to be on point!

Fortunately, the rapid progress in the field of event technology meant #eventprofs now have the tools they need to reach and engage with their target audience. Read on and see how you can “up” your marketing before, during, and after the event with the help of technology

Before The Event

An event is afoot: The theme and venue have been decided. The list of speakers is ready. The target audience is identified. Sponsors are all lined up. And you’re in charge of the marketing.

You may still be months or even a year away before showtime, but it’s impossible to market your event too early. This is especially true for annual gatherings (ex: conferences, expos, festivals) where marketing for next year starts just after this year’s edition.

Here are three pre-event marketing ideas to help you get ahead of the calendar:

Build And Optimize Your Event Website

Creating a website is priority number one after you’ve decided to hold an event. Separate from the company’s site, the website will serve as a central hub for all things related to your event.

The design of the website depends on many important considerations: the type of event you’re holding, the demographic if your target audience, the event’s theme and colors, and more. But however you need to design your event website, it must do one thing:

Encourage site visitors to register.

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