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Solutions for the smart meeting planner of today

When managing groups with a small budget, you have to be very creative and make certain decisions that will affect the overall of your program. Choosing where to use the scissors can be quite difficult.

Why don’t we take a look at a typical budget for a group?

usual expenses for a standard group mice

The hotel that you choose can make up for one of the biggest expenses in your budget.

Is there a way to get the same value with a lower budget?

Well, there is indeed! The key is to know that while there are thousands of meeting planners looking for hotels, there are thousands of hotel managers looking to vent their rooms, and would be willing to bid aggressively for groups.

Of course, meeting planners have many skills, but telepathy is not one of them. How can they get to know these deals? It is clear that phoning would be almost an impossible task, so the only channel that can make this possible would be Internet.

Internet is taking shape rapidly as the space where supply and demand in the MICE industry meet and is the perfect medium for the interests of planners and hotels to be synchronized in near real time.

But, which is the best way to select these offers in Internet? You only have to take care and note a few recommendations:

  • Choose the best destination for your event.
  • Compare prices before booking.
  • Make sure that the website provides you the necessary information about the hotel and its services.
  • Rely on pages which offer a professional consultancy service.

Comparing prices and choosing the best destination is crucial for the success of your event, so you should do it wisely and with the support of a professional team!

And you, how do you do it?