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Magical venues in Prague by Vanadoo

One of the most unique ways to enjoy Prague according to our expert partner Vanadoo is to spend an opera evening followed by private dinner on the stage.

Companies wishing to spend a special evening in a magic place, Vanadoo proposes a dinner on the stage of Prague State Opera after an opera or ballet performance. You can experience a mysterious atmosphere of the stage surrounded by fascinating scenes full of fading tones of the performance.

To enjoy your evening even more there are culinary specialities and fine wines prepared by a premium catering company. This event space is totally unique to Prague and is ideal for a function where impact is a must.

Dinner on the stage is usually conceived as WOW surprise, participants don’t know what the speciality of this evening is. Guests enjoy a performance and following the show they are directed to the Opera foyer for a cocktail reception, where local guides say some words about the historical meaning of the building. In the meanwhile the main stage is transformed to a first class dining set-up, while part of the scenery always stays on the stage.

Many other locations can be privatized to make the day extra memorable. Check with Vanadoo other magical venues & possible activities in Czech Republic.


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