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Italy, Part II – Milan the fashion city

Milan is with Paris and New York one of the most important cities for fashion shows. The picture above is just one example for the different fashion shows that take place in Milan each year.

This year the next show will take place from 18th of June until 21rst of June, it will be a show based on men fashion. And then of course there will be the famous Milan Fashion Week in September.

But Milan is much more than just a fashion city, it is a city with its personal flair, that combines fashion, culture, sports and history.

With its beautiful Duomo located directly in the city centre, Milan disposes of the largest Cathedral in Italy, beside the Vatican. It took almost six centuries to complete the construction of this impressive building and it was worth it. Visiting this cathedral is a must to for every Milan visitor!

Directly next to the Duomo you will find the Gallería Vittorio Emanuele II, known for its famous shops, such as Prada, Massimo Dutti, Gucchi and Armani. If you walk further you will get to the Teatro alla Scala, which was opened on 3rd August 1778 and is one of the famous Italian operas. It is not only set in a beautiful monument, but also offers famous performances in its large opera hall. If you would like to visit on of the spectacular operas please take a look at the page of the TeatroAllaScalla.

In case you need any help or further advises for your Milan visit please consult TurismoMilano. Don’t forget, Milan will this year also host the Champions League Final.

Have a nice trip!