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Instagram Stories, a great tool for entertainment and brand engagement events

You may have already heard of Instagram introducing a new feature similar to Snapchat’s stories but more intuitive and simple to use. It allows users to share moments of the day which will appear in a slideshow format representing a storyline. In addition, the story can be personalised through various text and drawing tools.

According to Instagram, this new feature will help users avoid overwhelming posting while still being free to express their ideas and experiences through everyday life. The posts will disappear within 24 hours in order to not clutter the profile grid. Top stories from people you follow will appear at the top of your feed, highlighted with a colourful ring. Unlike regular posts, there are no likes or public comments but private messaging is possible.

The story will be adapted to the privacy settings of the account itself, however, it can also be hidden from particular followers as well. Users can also monitor who’s seen their posts.

Instagram for Events

Instagram is a great tool for entertainment and brand engagement events, especially for younger audiences. It incites attendees and organisers alike to unleash their creativity and engage with their surroundings and with one another. If used appropriately, the potential for organic engagement is far greater than on other social networks.

With Instagram Stories, event marketers can share images and videos from the production process, snapshots from behind the scenes, decoration details and tease about keynote speakers. Attendees can share their journey through the event, while sponsors can boost brand awareness using compelling stories.

Via Instagram Blog, Genioso