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How to avoid stress when travelling

Travelling should be a relaxing experience. Whether a family trip, a romantic getaway or an incentive travel with colleagues, holidays are those days in which we forget about all daily problems and get ready to enjoy and relax.

But sometimes travel preparations can turn out to be a total nightmare: think about all the staff that you have to pack and try not to exceed the allowed luggage size at the same time; and how about the long time that you have to spend at the airport or on the flight? Don’t you find this all a little bit stressful? Yes, everybody does; and we are aware of that. Have a look at these 5 tips that will surely help you to enjoy your next holidays.

  1. Do you usually suffer from jet lag? Avoid this disturbing side effect of travelling big distances by having a long and pleasant dream the night before departure. Try to adapt your sleeping hours to the destination sleeping habits some weeks before travelling. Avoid long working hours just the minute before rushing to the airport!
  1. Think carefully about what you need to carry with you. Are you sure that you need to pack all those clothes and unnecessary staff? Try to think about the activities in which you will take part on your vacation and the destination you are travelling to. According to those factors, you can prepare a little agenda of your wardrobe and the clothes that you need to take with you. Furthermore, you will be happy not having to carry a heavy and unnecessary luggage.o-PACKING-SUITCASE-facebook
  2.  Try not to overbook your scheduled activities at destination. Arrive at the airport on time (ask a friend or relative to give you a lift there, if it is possible) and take the occasion to have a pleasant snack while you wait for your flight departure and do the check-in. Once at destination, take some time to rest at the hotel and recharge your batteries. You will then be ready to start enjoying your vacation and all your planned activities. But try not to rush from one place to another trying to visit all possible places of interest. You run the risk of getting more stressed!incentive1
  3. Do not try to control the uncontrollable. When travelling, a lot of problems can come into the scene. Try not to panic and think carefully about a possible solution to the situation. Sometimes you may have to deal with situations which solution is not under your control. In that case, keep calm and relax. Accept whatever happens and try to face the situation the best way you can.relax
  4. Learn to recover from bad experiences fast and get ready to keep enjoying your vacation as soon as possible. Do not lose your time complaining all the day long about things that are not under your control. There is no way in worrying about uncontrollable things- you will only get more stressed and nothing will get better that way. It may take a bit to accept this kind of situations and get over it, but once you get used not to keep everything under control, things will have a complete different flow and you will be much happier.