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What are the event manager’s most valuable skills?

We decided to dig deeper into the subject of the most essential skills an event manager should possess nowadays. We reckoned that the best way to find the answer to that question is TO ASK YOU, event profs. So we interrogated more than 150 event managers: “If you need to name just one skill an event manager should possess, what would it be?” providing them with 22 preselected answers: PR skills; Marketing skills; Sales skills; Organisational skills; Creativity/Creative thinking; Interpersonal/Communication skills; Attention to details; Flexibility; Time management skills; Team-player spirit; Leadership skills; Tech Savviness; Composure under pressure; Negotiation skills; Outside-the-box thinking; Planning skills; Project management skills; Ability to listen; Problem-solving skills; Passion; Self-motivation; Diplomacy.

Yup, “all of them” is the first answer to come to mind, we know! No doubt they are all necessary in our profession. However, our point was to select the truly invaluable skills an event manager can’t do without.

To make it even more interesting we also asked some top-notch event professionals about short justification of their choice.

What Are the Event Manager’s Most Valuable Skills?

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