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Easter holidays – bizarre traditions all over the world

It’s almost this time of the year at which everyone starts hiding eggs in the gardens, visiting the mass and celebrating Easter. BUT the traditions all over the world differ. We now want to present you some of the most bizarre Easter traditions.


Awaking with a cold shower and beats of osier stakes on the Easter morning is not unusual for the women of Slovakia, but don’t worry, this is nothing brutal. It is a special tradition in which the men braid their own osier stakes and beat the women softly to expel the bad demons. In return the women present the men with handmade bows and painted Easter eggs. Also the kids already participate in this tradition, but instead of cold water and bows they get chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies.


Already on Maundy Thursday the celebration is full in swing. Kids going from house to house covered in traditional skirts and scarfs asking for sweets. The swedes call this custom “Påskkärring”, the Easter witcher. Another difference is that during Easter time it isn’t a bunny hiding eggs, but a yellow chick.

Easter witches


It gets really bizarre thinking about these islands during Easter. As you might know the Filipinos are generally shorter than Europeans or Americans. Therefore, during the ringing of the bells, the parents lift their kids by grabbing their heads, to stretch them. This procedure shall insure the growth and health of the kids.

This was our short excursion to some of the most bizarre Easter traditions. For further information you can visit the following pages: